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So, what caused your PF? (for oldies and newbies)
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I figured it would be a good idea to list some of the known causes to PF. Summertime brings a lot of newcomers and we all know the easiest PF to treat is a fresh one, especially when we're able to…Continue

Started this discussion. Last reply by David Kingman Jun 13, 2011.


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A bit of background

I'm in my early thirties. Before PF, I was a very active person, walking 3 miles a day, training on the elliptical, weight lifting and mountaineering/LD hicking.My PF started in August '09 from wearing rigid sandals on hard surfaces without my podiatric inserts (high arches/pronator here).

A bad movement with my left foot in september 09 over-injured the already tender fascia, making the condition unmanagable. It all went downhill till, in December 09, I couldn't walk any longer, foot hurting 24/7, sensitive to the lightest touch and swollen all over the sole. Physiotherapist gave up and sent me to my PCP, who was sort of clueless. Started working from home and my legs got very weak, resulting in a cascade of secondary problems. It was so bad I had to use a wheelchair 90% of my day.

Went from a specialist to another (rheumatologist, physiatrist, ortho surgeon...) and faced the usual «in your head» talk. Still managed to get a few useful bits of info on my way.

In march 2010, an MRI confirmed an unusually severe case of sub-chronic PF in my left foot, but no apparent tear (surprise!), no tumor. RX negative for heel spurs, scintigraphy negative for stress fracture or arthritis, no nerve damage.

I'm currently trying to keep moving as much as I can while staying under my pain threshold and Icing religiously immediately after. I started with as low as 6 steps a day in January... this can be done! This seems to work best for me along with proper inserts, taping, and a strenghtening/stretching leg and foot routine.

Update, May '10 :
Been relapsing from hitting accidentally my foot on the side. Major setback after the greatest progress ever yet.

Update, June '10:
Been relapsing over and over from hitting my foot here and there. Ups and downs, no consitent progess, low step count. Started exercising in the pool to gain strenght and fitness.

Update August '10
Slow but noticable progress thanks to aquatherapy. Getting new custom inserts done since my feet changed dramatically from extreme prolonged rest. Inflammation and pain is localizing. Aiming at restoring function gradually. (Fingers crossed, touching wood, praying, etc.!)

Things that seem to work with persistent use until now :
Icing after activity (+++)
Increasing walking distances very gradually and only when pain free (+++)
Careful non weight bearing stretching in bed before the first step
Non-weight bearing and aquatic leg and foot exercises to safely increase strenght
Regular self-massage (lower legs and feet)
Low-dye taping
CAM walking boots with a rocker sole (the only way for me to bear weight during the worst stages)
Taking extra care of my mental health
...and LOTS of information and persistence!

Get helped by good professionnals, ressearch, observe, note, do your homework. I believe we have to play an active role in getting better. :-)

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At 10:46pm on February 3, 2015, abiola bawuah said…

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At 9:10am on January 5, 2013, DelphineJ said…

Hi Mary! I'm new to the group. Your case sounds very similar to mine. I have been suffering from PF in both feet for 8 months. It started very suddenly when I got into intensive walking training for a summer trek. I was wearing very hard trekking boots on hard surfaces/roads :(. I had MRI and ultrasound scans done, EMG nerve test and x-rays. Doctors could not find anything wrong on any tests. Some said there is no inflammation, some others said that MRI cant always detect inflammation. My physio thinks I have plantar fasciosis (overloaded fascias) rather than fasciitis (inflammation). Have you experienced something similar? My pains are from heels to toes and I am housebound. The feelings are hard to describe: swelling, burning, tearing, tingling, walking on rasors, extreme stiffness, cold feet/hot feet. Calves are very stiff too and can burn sometimes. I get very worried so I tend not to walk much. But this also makes my feet more and more stiff! Some doctors reckon I have some sort of neuropathy and that the tensions and scar tissue are compressing my nerves or irritating the nerve endings. I do physical therapy, massages, icing, stretching, roll tennis ball, took lots of painkillers, tried orthotics. Nothing helped! I know there are lots of other options but Im not keen on some of them like shockwaves or surgery. Especially because my pains seem to be different than the typical PF type of pain. Mine is constant and not a sharp pain. But I cant be on my feet for more than a few minutes without the need to sit down! I used to be so active (trekking and running), Im only 32 so I am extremely frustrated!!! I would be very interested to hear about your experience and see if you managed to cure it and go back to hiking? Thanks! and all the best to everyone.

At 10:43am on May 16, 2011, cj said…

Damn, i thought i had it bad, how selfish could i have been thinking i was the 1 being punished with a bad case of pf, tendonitis and now a neuroma in my toe, at least i can still get through the day(very painful) but by the sound of it you have it so much worse, i really do feel for you and i so hope you get your life back.

The best of luck


At 10:28pm on August 9, 2010, Pam Young said…
Thanks for your comments. Here's an interesting website about foot chakras:

best, Pam
At 1:39pm on August 7, 2010, Pam Young said…
Hi Mary, sorry if this is a repeat. Not sure if you received my previous comment. Your progress report is informative and motivated me to stop jogging/hiking and focus on resting my foot. My first PF was injury to left foot (hit protruding rock while wearing soft sandals) was summer '06; PF returned during summer '09 when I wore worn-out sandals that re-injured same spot on foot; then, wore worn-out sandals in June '10. Finally, I threw out the sandals.

My suggestion: check out ayurvedic therapies that examine chakras (energy channels) leading to/from the foot. Also, are getting enough micronutrients and minerals in your diet. We're largely deficient in these b/c our water (formerly a major mineral source) is generally filtered and lacking in minerals and micronutrients. Western medicine focuses on symptoms instead of causes. More as I get better educated...good luck and keep up the progress.
At 6:35pm on July 21, 2010, Debra Bernath gave Mary a gift
I would give you some flowers or champagne, but I don't have any credits.
At 1:25pm on June 22, 2010, Kathleen Looby said…
Hi Mary, nice to be friends! i went to Aquatherapy for my back and in the process they got permission to work on my feet and that's how i found the Graston Technique, any other questions, please let me know.
At 6:03pm on May 19, 2010, Joanne Renn said…
hey mary, restructuring my spring hike to include some mountain biking and kayaking. anything to get out, right.
Still striving toward a July 16 departure for the John muir trail.
ultrasound, ice, splint, orthotics, blah, blah, blah.
Keep in touch and let me know how you are doing.
At 10:56am on May 10, 2010, Joanne Renn said…
Mary, reading your journal mirrors my life with PF however I am 56 and a serious LD backpacker. I am currently on month 9 after developing PF for the second time in my life. This time it is very difficult and am doing all the recommended actions except surgery and ETWS. Good luck and hopefully, Happy Hiking. Joanne

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