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At 7:30pm on May 7, 2015, Rhiannon F said…

Yea, I think I will stick with physical therapy for now. But my feet have been hurting more in the heel lately with all the stretching. Not so much when I walk or wake in the morning but when I stand/ or my heels are resting on a surface. I don't wear a night splint. I do have a stretching boot but it's wayyyyy to big to sleep in. maybe I will ask them about one!

At 8:53pm on April 22, 2015, Rhiannon F said…

So I'm now doing physical therapy. I do stretching there, ultra sound(to warm the tissue)(and I think they do some sort of massage) then I get (sorry if this is the wrong term) the elctro pulses done(where they put sticky tabs on you and it feels like there is a message orb in my ankle) Then I do stretches at home too. My feet feel good after the appointment but a day or two later my body feels like I really worked out( mainly in the legs) I asked the therapist about the surgery and she said it would only release a little pressure and not really beneficial to me b/c my pain feels like it comes from the Achilles tendon mostly.

At 3:43pm on April 15, 2015, Rhiannon F said…

My PF is in both but is worse in my left foot. I stretch it everyday and now it kinda hurts more. I have had it a long time. I'm thinking since I was maybe in 6th grade. Now recently I have been taking walks and my heel has been in more pain and becoming numb.I have tried all pain killers and nothing has ever worked. I do feel a little better about the surgery because I found out my Dr. was really credited to do such a surgery. How long did you have your condition and did pain killers help?

At 3:11am on April 11, 2015, Rhiannon F said…

Thanks I think I will try to get a second opinion. The pain is just so bad and I've had it soooo long. I have also tried everything. But I'm glad you said this!

At 10:54pm on September 17, 2014, Holly J said…

My pain is in the plantar arch not the heel. I did get a steroid shot which was incredible painful and the rest of day I could barely walk and was mostly in bed. The next day is much better. Ive been icing it, wrapping in coban and wearing supportive foot wear at all times even inside on my white carpet:( and it seems to helping. The first Dpm said no to bed boot until the initial swelling was down and the second Dpm who gave me the shot didn't mention it. I will ask about it next week with my next appt.

At 7:28pm on August 27, 2014, Pam said…

Dear Karla, 

Thanks for writing.   I have worn the boot for 4 months.  I have the planter issue in my heal.  No it doesn't help much.  I do exercises for it, ice, and soak it in Epson salts.  As well as wear a night splint.  I am so glad that you took the time.  



At 7:25pm on August 27, 2014, Pam said…

Dear Karla,

Thanks for writing.  I have worn this one for 4 months.  I have the planter problem in the heal.  I had the shot in the heal and I do exercises for it.  I also use ice it.  As well as soaking it in Epson salts, which helps a little bit.  I also wear a night splint on that foot.  I am so grateful for your writing to me.  I hope that I can help you down the line.  Thanks Pam


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