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Has anyone had surgery to release the plantar fascia?  I have been dealing with PF off and on for 3 years and it has reached the point that it now places limitations on my physical abilities.  I am 38 years old and have six children of varying ages.  I want to still go play tennis and do outdoor things with them.  I have read the risk associated with the surgery and understand it is a "last resort" but I feel I'm there.  Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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Try your best to avoid the surgery and try alternative methods

No...haven't done yet.

Thanks for sharing.

I had surgery for plantar fasciitis and Tarsal tunnel syndrome on my left foot at the end of September 2016 and just had it done on my right foot February 14th. The first time around I ended up with blood clots and I'm dealing with scar tissue. Although my Doctor said she did the last two surgeries a little differently it's too early for me to say if it's a success or not.If it weren't for the scar tissue under my arch I'd say surgery was a success. I'm grateful to not have all that pain and burning. Prior to surgery I tried physical therapy and steriod injections , wore the boot during the day and night brace at night and made no head way in my recovery. Some days it was so painful I could barely walk. I've heard that Plantar Fasciitis can heal but it can also take years and keep reoccurring.I would suggest a good Specialist .

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