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Has anyone had surgery to release the plantar fascia?  I have been dealing with PF off and on for 3 years and it has reached the point that it now places limitations on my physical abilities.  I am 38 years old and have six children of varying ages.  I want to still go play tennis and do outdoor things with them.  I have read the risk associated with the surgery and understand it is a "last resort" but I feel I'm there.  Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm at the same point as you. I'm not sure that I want to be in the low percentage of people that it makes it worse for. I don't know what to do, but I'm so sick of my feet hurting all day. It's almost torture.
If you can avoid the surgery, I would. I had a plantar fascia release in April of 2008, and I've had nothing but problems ever since. My arch is flattening out, and I developed a stress fracture due to the loss of my arch. I am in nearly constant pain. I wish you the best of luck, and I don't know what your particular situation is, but if I had it all to do over again, I would have never had the surgery.
I go to the dr on thursday to see what will go on with my heel, I walk alot at my work and I need permanent relief, not costly temporary relief, some say cortizone shots will help, I can't affor the night splint, insurance won't cover it, and I am hoping my other heel is not starting to get it, don't need both hurting. My brother had surgery last spring for his heel spurs and it is finally to the point that he can walk without hurting. There are some successes with surgery some not, I don't know which way to go, I guess we'll see what happens!
I'm 3 months post op. Very happy with the outcome so far. Doc said at 3months I should be 75% healed, 6months 90% and about a year 100% . Both myself and Physical Therapist feel that I'm at 75% or better.

My right foot which I was going to schedule surgery for is doing so much better so as of right now I am not going to do it. The reason for the cancellation is that therapy is now working. I was making progress but we recently discovered that my problem was my hips! Seriously if stretching and ankle exercises don't work try calf, hamstring, inner thigh, butt and hip exercise. Many of what you see on YouTube are what I am doing at P/T.

Just a note that my left foot was always much worse than my right and Doc said after surgery that it was really worse than he thought it would be so I guess there was not much chance of canceling that but again I am happy with the results.

I had a spinal, had heel spurs removed, calcium deposits removed, achilles tendon detached and reattached.
Cast and crutches for 10 days, medical boot for 2 months. Currently wearing crocks because a closed back shoe rubs on scar and causes inflammation. I still have a little tightness at the back of the heel but just this week graduated to walking down the stairs one foot after the other. When I get tired my body takes over and I will go back to a limp and also go back to walking down the stairs with always the same foot stepping down but
I listen to my body and sit and rest. At the end of the day it will still swell a bit and become slightly inflamed but rest and ice are my friends and tomorrow will and usually is better and @ 75% I shouldn't be expecting 100%. Hope this helps and good luck, best wishes to all who read this.

PS.. The best part was the whole procedure was totally painless. I never even knew I had received the spinal until I asked and they told me try lifting your legs.. and I couldn't . I was awake through the the surgery which took 57 minutes. Seriously... the worst part was the 10 days in a cast. Trust me rent a knee walker,
I'm at the same point, only 10 years older and a choreographer. I've been dealing with heel pain for years and wearing orthodics. The latest dr just gave me a cortizone shot and it really didn't work. I haven't tried the night splint, so I'm going give that a try. I'm also going for a 2nd opinion because I'm afraid I won't be able to dance if I have the surgery. The woman I'm going to see (in February!) is supposed to have some new methods - ultra sonic ultra sound or something? She was recommended by my acupuncturist. I tend to mix traditional with alternative medicine. Anyway, last surgery I had on another body part did not work and it was like, "Oh well, guess it wasn't what we thought" and I don't want to go through that again.
I had PF Release Surgery 4 weeks ago and I am completely pleased with the results.

For over a year I dealt with extreme pain from PF in my right foot. The pain would come and go. I tried physical therapy, icing, stretching, soaking in hot Epsom salt, cortisone injections, massage, ice soaking, custom insoles, night splints, wearing a boot and using a tennis ball; nothing would relieve the pain and it was only getting worse. After talking to my Podiatrist about different options available, I decided to go ahead and have the PF Release surgery. I was given a 6-month handicap decal for my car and told that I would need to be out of work for up to 6 weeks.

I was put to sleep for the surgery and woke up pain-free. Below is what I experienced from week to week.

Week 1- No pain! I was told to take painkillers every 4 hours. I laid in the bed with my foot elevated and iced. When getting up to use the restroom I used crutches and put very little pressure on my foot. I did not get out of bed to do anything except go to a follow up appointment, the restroom and taking a bath.

Week 2- Again, I laid in the bed only to get up to use the restroom and take showers, I still used the crutches to keep my full body weight off of my foot. I begun weaning myself off of the painkillers. The pain was starting to come. The pain was moderate, my foot was throbbing and I felt stretching when I got up to use the bathroom or take a shower, the pain was nothing like the same tearing and walking on glass pain that I felt before with PF. I continued to ice and elevate my foot. I did not get the incision wet; I would clean it with peroxide and put antibiotic ointment and a large waterproof band-aid on it.

Week 3- I started walking around on my foot with little pressure I would just slowly walk laps around my house. The pain was getting much worse, it would move around in different areas of my foot, some day’s the side of my foot would hurt, others it was below the heel and others it would be the incision area. After walking, I would elevate and ice it again.

Week 4- I had a follow-up appointment with my Podiatrist, he said the healing was looking great; he removed my stitches (only had 4). I’m no longer using crutches. I wear running shoes and have very little pain. My Podiatrist said the pain I’m experiencing now is “Surgical Pain” and will completely go away within a couple weeks. He said I will be 80% healed in 2 to 3 more weeks and 100% healed in 3 to 6 months. I am walking around the house now doing chores, cooking and more. The pain I feel now is pressure, aches and throbbing and is completely tolerable. When I get up after resting I no longer feel that sharp, stabbing pain of walking on broken glass like I had before.

I am completely satisfied with the PF Release surgery and my progress. If I had to do it over again I definitely would! After the surgery, my Podiatrist who was also the surgeon told me that I really needed to have the PF Release surgery; he said my Fascia was so tight and had built up so much scaring from constantly being torn, that it would have never healed on it’s own.

I feel so sorry for those who have had negative experiences with PF Release Surgery.
My only suggestion for everyone is when the pain does go away; still continue to treat your foot like you are in pain. Don’t run around doing activities like you did before the surgery. You need to give your foot the time it needs to completely heal. Do everything your Dr. says and don’t rush it. Also, make sure you find a qualified Podiatrist who has good success with PF Release Surgery.

Good Luck everyone!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!
I had my surgery on November 8th. I was on crutches for 2 weeks then walking with the CAM boot. On Wednesday, at three weeks and 2 days post, I had the stitches removed and the doctor feels it looks good. I am still in the boot for another week and have tenderness around the incision site when walking, however, my chronic heel pain is gone already. I hope I continue to do this well. My only limitations are no more flip flops or "cheap" shoes. Anything I wear must offer adequate arch support. I put up with the pain off and on for many years and now I'm wondering why I waited.

I HAVE FOUND RELEIF WITHOUT SURGERY! After vising my acupuncturist for a routine session, I told her about my foot. She suggested I go back to my chiropractor for an adjustment because its all related. When I told him (Dr. Jeff Failing Rochester, NY) he said he just got a new laser that is supposed to help speed up healing, therefore reducing pain. He had just begun to use it on himself for his shoulder and he couldn't believe how much better he felt. I've been receiveing treatments for a week now and I'm amazed. The pain has gone from an 8 daily by noon to a 1 -2 by 3 or 4 pm. The true test will be Disney World next week! Gonna sneak in one more treatment before I go. I also bought Nike SHOX to see if this will help as well.
I had plantar fasciitis since I was a baby wearing insoles in my shoes. And now I am 22 years old with pain in my knees, and back. So I know the feeling of pain while I am out and about with my mom or dad whoever it's doesn't feel as good however I havenot gotten surgey as of yet. I am in a tug war between listening to what my dad saying about the surgey my mom and step dad. And although they are right causes moms know best as well as dads I am listening to them on this all the way. My advice to you would be stretch your foot or go to rehab exerise place where they can help you out more right now . I go to a sport center place been going and they do dry needling to get the blood in my foot flowing aagin as well as other treatments. I am sorry you feel pain and I know what you are going throught when you are ready you will get it as well as I will. It does help to exercise and strecht your foot biggest thing I have done is soak my feet in salt Epison salt it helps bring down the pain. With warm water

When you have one of these awful surgical outcomes you will find that you are really on your own.   What most of us might consider malpractice is just another day at the office for a lot of these foot doctors.   They support their own too.  Unless one of them does something really outrageous you won't get one doctor to testify against another one.   They consider us and the lawyers we hire as the enemy. 

Hi there
I have had planctar fasciitis for 4-5 years now I have tried exercises, 7 or 8 (i think) injections, shoe insoles and I use crutches as well (not just for that but I couldn't walk without them) and nothing has worked so far
I went to my podiatrists today to see them again as they discharged me last year and it's a 5-15week wait
I've just been doing some bedtime research
Apparently there is a special type of splint that you put on at night (don't use if it's torn though) that is adjustable they are available on amazon for £13 not sure how much postage was I think it was free
From what I've read these do work for the majority of people so it's worth a try as not only does surgery carry risks it doesn't always work
Please keep me posted

I have known about night splints for years.  If there is something new I would like to hear about it.  If I could just drop about 60 lbs I think my PF would be a lot better.  This is hard since I can hardly walk.  I would need to eat grass for about a year to shed the weight I have gained since I got very serious foot problems.  I worked on my feet for years 10-12 hours a day, and my feet just gave out completely.   I have tried everything except the plantar release surgery and that I won't try.  Podiatrists have promised me the world and it always comes out "Negative". 

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