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I believe I have PF, but have not been to a doctor.  I am an avid runner and am wondering how long I would have to stop running for PF to get better.  Are there any other runners out there that took time off to let it heal, and if so, what kind of exercise did you do in the meantime?

Thanks for any advice.

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Hi! Are you still suffering from PF? I am a runner and had PF for 7 months before I saw a doc. I ran 5 days a week sometimes in pain. Finally, it got so bad I stopped running and did PT. within 10 weeks the PF was gone. The doc put me on a program to slowly get back to running and I had 6 good weeks of running before my OTHER foot started hurting. I knew the feeling of PF and started PT immediately. This time, I have not been so lucky... I am now in a plaster cast just to start the healing. I have not run in 12 weeks. The doc says I will need to give up running totally. Not sure how I am going to handle this!

I think that you have to take a break to get better.

I would love to know if anyone that exercises has gotten better and can still workout.


I dealt with plantar fasciitis off and on for several months and am very active. I took a few weeks off from heavy running and gradually started up again at a slower pace. Depending on how severe your plantar fasciitis is, it may take months to get back to your normal running intensity. I was running 5-7 miles a day on hard asphalt and rough trails, so it's no wonder I got foot pain.  Doing heel raises and towel stretches a couple times a day helped to keep the tendon flexible before and after I exercised. Also, ice treatments and really comfortable shoes help. I feel like on top of all the other treatments, wearing a shoe with a well defined arch helped reduce a lot of day to day discomfort.

Took me 2 years of not running to help with mine.  Swimming and biking.  Stay off the elliptical and treadmill.

I am also a very active person i love going hiking but i found the best product to match me is this new foot strap that has come out. you can get it at its thin waterproof and durable check it out its a great new product to help relive the stress of Pf on your foot

There is a new product that has been used by thousands of runners during and after activity. It is sold under two names, but it is the same product.

There is a new product that has been used by thousands of runners during and after activity. It is sold under two names, but it is the same product.

Healing from plantar fasciitis varies greatly depending on severity. I took 3 weeks off to allow healing. During that time I still would ride a stationary bike. Calf stretches and deep massage of the sore area were key. I also used ice and advil regularly. There are a couple good articles that I found here. This one is on running shoes for high arches and there is also one for sneakers for plantar fasciitis. The plantar fasciitis article discusses more exercises and recommendations for over the counter orthotics. After three weeks of stretching changing the type of sneaker I used and adding a small arch support orthotic I was able to return to running essentially pain free. I also had to make sure never to walk around barefoot. Good luck to you I hope your pain symptoms go away. It can be frustrating to have your running workouts interupted by pain.

I am a sufferer from PF but I still go running with my dog each morning, I use a special running orthotic insole called 'FootActive Sports', which is very handy! 

Susan :)


I am a treatment advisor for a company that deals with soft tissue injuries, and plantar fasciitis is one of the most common ailments I speak to people about. I know that most will tell you to stretch the foot, but please please refrain from over stretching it. I actually suggest try not stretching it at all during your recovery time. Over stretching is what typically causes plantar fasciitis in the first place. Put a cold compress on it, especially after any activity on your feet. You want to get down any inflammation so the healing process can begin. Blood flow is most essential for healing. The nutrients and oxygen it carries will help mend the tears in the fascia and will add elasticity and lubrication to prevent further damage. I highly recommend looking into the BFST foot wrap. It promotes circulation to help accelerate you healing, as the bodies natural ability to do this is quite slow. I have included more information about plantar fasciitis:

I'm a triathlete and suffered well over two years with PF... I tried everything. I'm having the release Procedure next week (15-01-15)

I am worried if I will ever be able to continue my sport or even ever be out of pain! But I have nowhere else to turn so operation it is.


Good luck today Mark with your surgery :) Let us know how you're doing from time to time. All the best.


I broke my foot (5th metatarsal fracture) in 2009 while jogging. I started running again about 3 months after my cast came off, 5 months after my accident. My OS said my foot was fine and running wouldn’t be a problem. My PT said I was finished with therapy and could jog again. But they were wrong! When I returned to my OS in all kinds of pain he dismissed it as not directly related to my fracture and to “go easy and it will get better.” So I did that and it didn’t! When he had nothing more to offer I went to a podiatrist. Diagnosed with severe plantar fasciitis. I don’t think I had ever heard of it until then but I know it now. Went back to OS, told PF “unrelated” but it was only in my right foot—the one I broke.

Up until then I had been a very healthy and active person and an avid runner. So I went with podiatrist suggestions and tried physical therapy, home icing and stretching routines, expensive custom orthotics, a night splint, and wearing only expensive “sensible” shoes. I spent an entire summer in one of those orthopedic walking boots; I was miserable in that for almost 3 months and then got only temporary relief once I was out of the boot. Finally at the beginning of November 2011 I had Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy on my right foot. This was “experimental’ (read, not covered by insurance) so $3,000 out of pocket and at the end I was still pretty much incapacitated. It appeared then that my last hope was a plantar fasciotomy. But that presented risk and my podiatrist said typically the worst release outcomes were obtained in patients with more severe symptoms and those with a longer duration of preoperative symptoms—i.e.—me!

So, just as I seemed to have but that one option left, I found a new podiatrist (my 3rd) that said she had had some success with application of series of hard short leg casts to stretch and maintain the fascia. So we tried that in April of last year and 8 weeks and 4 casts later I finally found relief! Each cast was applied to stretch my fascia more and to maintain the position to keep it from shortening. It was a long, lost summer on crutches but it has been worth it! I have been running for over a year now and even went skiing over the holidays.

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