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I believe I have PF, but have not been to a doctor.  I am an avid runner and am wondering how long I would have to stop running for PF to get better.  Are there any other runners out there that took time off to let it heal, and if so, what kind of exercise did you do in the meantime?

Thanks for any advice.

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I had no clue or any idea if i had pf eather but i started to wrap it very tight and and made sure that i was wearing shoes with good support and  took pain killers but pf take awhile to heal (9 months -2 years)
Thank you Sarah.  Did you wrap only when running or all the time.

sarah middleton said:
I had no clue or any idea if i had pf eather but i started to wrap it very tight and and made sure that i was wearing shoes with good support and  took pain killers but pf take awhile to heal (9 months -2 years)



I've had PF about 6 months now and find that I "can run" but it only aggravates it worse. I've been swimming and cycling indoors and doing weights. I won't lie, it really sucks.  And my PF is really not much better.

Hi Logan,


I went to a Podiatrist and am feeling much better.  I got 3 steroid shots, been doing stretching exercises and have orthotics for my shoes.  I wore tennis shoes only for a month, even around the house (no slippers or sock feet).  I am in no pain at all now and have started running again (although half of my previous distance).  Good luck, hope it gets better for you.

I also am a runner and have very high arches as well. I have self diagnosed myself w/ PF. I have severe pain upon getting out of bed in the morning. I have read up about PF and have begun stretching and bought a pair of FitFlops b/c they are supposedly good for helping with PF. They also claim to "tone" like the Sketchers" so I am a little worried.  I plan on getting a pair of orthotics so I can keep running. Anyone have any suggestions?


Kim, one of the symptops of PF is the pain you describe in the morning.  I saw a doctor for mine, and the treatment included stretching, steriod shots and othotics.  I am no longer in any pain, and am gradually adding running back in.  Good luck.
Thanks Lisa.  I am seeing a new orthopedist today, so we'll see what happens.  Kim, my PT advised me every morning before getting out of bed, heat first the calf with a heating pad, and then the arch/heel (to circulate the blood).  Then stretch the heel (pulling against a towel, or shirt, or stretchy band or whatever).  This lessens the pain when you get up.
Was just reading the older posts and was wondering how on earth you manage to run with pf?I have only had for a month and it came on rather suddenly - I could hardly walk let alone run.

Debbie - I can't run.  Well, I can for about ten minutes, then it just kills. I have had my PF for nine months. Getting acupunture now. If I attempt to run, I totally set myself back.


For the first two months, I could barely walk.

Does it get better?I am so distressed with it that am dreading every day waking up and wondering how I will cope with the day ahead.Am icing and stretching and ibuprofen and had laser.Has yours eased off a bit?Not coping at all well I'm afraid.Feeling very negative.Mine came on suddenly about a month ago.

I hate to be negative, but this is by far the worst (as in lengthy and frustrating) injury i've EVER had. That being said, I've had it 10 months, but kept trying to run for probably 5 of those months, and even now I do cycle class 4-5x a week which isn't the greatest for it. I have spent a ton of money on PT, which did nothing; I ice, take meds (Mobic, prescription has worked the best), wear a strassburg sock at night (Definitely get that), roll it on a golf ball during day.

Acupuncture in foot has been the most effective... BUT I still have it. Had an ortho appt today and we are now talkign about a walking cast, which would mean no working out. If you want to talk, let me know. You have no idea how unbelievably excruciating this has been for me!!!

Oh I do- only a month but a very hard month thats for sure.I have been off work and due to back on monday- we shall see.I am going to see a more localphysiotherapist on thursday - the other was a half hour drive away which did me no good at all.Evidently the new pt does do acupuncture.

Are you able to even walknormally?

I am hoping that doing the right thing from the onset will helpmy recovery time but it seems like its a hit and miss problem.Some people recover relatively fast,others longer and stilleven longer so I guess I'll never know.

I just rec'd some heel seats from usa that I sent off for ( am in UK) and initially when I openedv the packet I thoughy they were the usual stuff but on wearing them and on closer inspection they are totally different.

Today have managed a walk.

Dont really know how to'chat' but have added you as a friend.

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