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I have suffered 2 years from plantar fascitis with no improvement (from shockwave therapy to night splints to slant boards to corizone injections). I will not have surgery done although also have heel spurs. A friend told me she too went through all of these treatments and is now cured from 6 weeks of reflexology. Has anyone heard of this as a treatment for this condition?

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Hi Patti - I have read your posts and was just wondering if you could tell me what is involved with the shockwave therapy? I can't find a whole lot about it - Did the dr. tell you that it may not work . . . let alone make it worse . . . that's horrible! I have never heard of reflexology for this . . . do you know what is involved with that?
Shockwave therapy is effectively ultrasound to break up the connection and then let it re-attach. YOU MUST stay off your feet for 3-4 weeks, or longer if you're a slow healer. It doesn't always work. Some people who have this lose the arch in their foot enitrely. Properly done reflexology can help with the pain, but to really get rid of it you'll need to address the whole lower leg and foot.
reflexology can help break up adhesions in the muscles ligaments and tendons in the foot, but that is only part of the equation. Yu need to release the tibialis posterior, flexor digitorum hallucis, and flexor digitorum longus, as well as all 3 peroneals to get real and long lasting results. Head to my website, Thereis a free guide to "Healing Plantar Fasciitis Without Surgery". Just go to the contact page and ask for it. I promise I won't spam you, or share your info with anyone else. It's not uncommon for shockwave to be ineffective, get the guide, and let me know what kind of injuries you've had and I can at least get you started.
hope it is not too late for this post. i suffered for close to a year. tried everything conservative like you. tried foot reflex too. it does help to some extent as it stretches your fascia and also offer some form of pain relief. however, it wont cure PF. again basically for analgesic effect. you can actually do the fascia stretch on your own - i find that rolling a golf ball beneath the fascia helps. this will safe you time and $
I can say it helped me after one visit I could tell a difference a day or two later. i am going back. i have gone through all the treatments except surgery, nothing has helped at all. Maybe there is help with this reflexology


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