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Plantar fasciitis, Baxter's nerve entrapment or something else

Regarding my heel irritation:

  • I’m experiencing heel irritation/burning/pain.
  • The PF doesn’t hurt when I wake up in the morning.
  • The plantar fasciitis (PF) hurts when I press it in several spots (middle and toward the heel bone).
  • Heel irritation/pain intensifies after long walks (2 or more miles).
  • The heel irritation/pain is mainly at the bottom back part of heel.
  • Sometimes it starts as itching, especially on the bottom side of the left heel, then tends to feel like burning.
  • I have good, supportive shoes.
  • I message, stretch, and ice at least several times a day.
  • Recently, I've experienced moderate to intense heel pain while driving a long distance (about 4 hours).  This hasn't happened before.


My question is: Is this a mild case of PF or Baxter’s Nerve Entrapment (or something else)? Thanks.

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