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Hi Everyone - I am really hoping that someone out there can help me - I have bi-lateral plantar fasciitis for going on a year now confirmed by podiatrist. I have tried Motrin, temporary orthotics, numerous heel cups, purchased 2 pair of New Balance running shoes (over $100 per pair), custom orthotics, physical therapy, night splints, constant stretching exercises, icing constantly, etc. etc. etc. I have not had the cortisone shots as there is not one specific place in my heels that hurt - it's the entire heel. Additionally, as it has been going on for so long, my knees are becoming involved also.

If anyone has any other suggestions that have worked for them, I would greatly appreciate it - The pain is overwhelming and is just making my life miserable! I have a 9 year old daughter who needs her Mom to do stuff with her, and I just can't . . .


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I have had plantar fasciitis for a year. I have tried everything including a series of cortisone injections, three of them. I am now in a walking cast for three weeks to see if that helps. I am doubtful that it will. My next step is surgery. Endoscopic surgery is done by the podiatrist. It is pretty non evasive, you will be in a walking cast for about three weeks. Success is about 70%. The problem is there is so many small nerves in the foot that may be affected. My orthopedic surgeon (2nd opinion) suggested planter release which involves a non weight bearing cast for 6 weeks. (yuk) then a walking cast for another 4 weeks. Again the success rate is about 70 - 80%. There are no great options, it is very frustrating!! Hope yours improves soon. Definately do the injections. It doesn't hurt, the doctor should numb your heel first. Also, I have tried orth. in my shoes, and night splints, but to no luck. Have researched ESWT, doesn't sound very successful. Most insurance companies won't pay for it.
I have been battling PF in both feet for 10 years on and off. Sometimes it went away for a whole year. I have had custom orthotics, night splints, long term medication, heel cups, expensive gym shoes, regular ice packs, stretches, you name it, I have tried it. I have now had progressive pain in my left heel for the last 8 months. I have been seeing an orthopedic surgeon for the last 2 months. I had one very painful cortisone shot that did absolutely nothing for my pain, so I won't even try that route again. I had 2 weeks of physical therapy that left me sore. I am currently in a walking cast during the day and a soft splint at night. When I started the cast, I was also given a steriod pack to take away inflamation. The medication helped for a week. In the cast my pain is only a little better than in a normal shoe. I am ready to call and sign up for surgery. I'm sick of being in pain.
The Cast is not helping me much either. What type of surgey are you considering? Endoscopic or full release? How long are you to keep it in the walking cast? At first I thought it was helping but now I am experiencing more heel pain. Good Luck
I think it is a full release. I am making the pre-op appointment tomorrow and I will post an update. I have had the boot for 2 weeks and felt some relief at first (I was also on a steroid pack). After week 1, some, but not all of the pain has returned. It was really nice to be pain free for a few days. I slept better, and generally felt better during the day. Now I'm ready to throw the boot out the window.
It sounds like you and I are in the same boat! I tried the steriod pack also, no luck. I have researched almost every website on the internet, I think. Surgery is iffy but when you are desperate you're willing to try most anything. I will be anxious to hear what your sugeon says. I have been unable to walk for any length of time, even through the grocery store is a killer. Exercise is almost non existant now, bummer, guess I should drown my sorrows in a dozen chocolate chip cookies. OK maybe at least two. Good Luck!!!
The pain is definitely less in the walking cast, and today I am trying the Lidoderm patches. The patches add a little bit of cooling and cushioning, but this is just day one, so we'll see . . . I'm supposed to see the doctor right before Thanksgiving, but I think I will move the appointment up and just schedule the surgery. I'm a teacher and I'm hoping I can schedule it around my break time at Thanksgiving. (Yea, what a fun way to spend my vacation time! ) I know the success rates aren't the best, but if I can get some relief, I'm ready to take the risk. Long-term chronic pain has really messed with everything, my sleep, my weight, my overall health, my happiness, and most importantly, my ability to be an active mom in my kids' lives.
I have recently been diagnosed with this problem, just yesterday infact and bi lateral. After reading a few of your posts I'm kinda scared since I was led to beleive that a visit with the podiatrist is the answer to correcting the problem. My question though: most of you talk about pain in you heels I had none just the inner ankles and swelling at the ankle and instep is it the same thing? Oh I also experienced some stiffness under the bottom of my feet? Any replies are much appreciated.
You may not have plantar fasciitis, I also have not had any ankle pain, but the stiffness in the bottom of my foot, for sure. Please do not be discouraged. Remember 95% of people DO NOT experience chronic problems. Perhaps just stretching or orthodics may be all you need. I would suggest you get treated earlier rather than later though. Let us know what you find out.
Late last Summer, I was having heel pain wearing my sandals. Figured that I just did something to my feet and that it would go away . . . just figured that when it got cold enough to wear my Uggs, all would be well! Both of my heels just hurt so badly every single step that I took. However, as I said, I have not yet had any ankle pain. I really hope that the anti-inflammatory and rest works for you - From what I have read, 95% of people with PF respond really well to medication, rest, stretching, icing, etc.
Hi Everyone- I do not have PF however my 14 year old son was diagnosed about a year ago. He began limping about 2 years ago while wearing baseball cleats. Last year after football games he would literally have to drag himself off the field in tears. We have been through 4 pairs of arch supports as they have to be reordered by the 1/2 size. Nightly he soaks in epson salt for 1/2 hr, rotates to ice for 1 hour, I rub them and stretch them for 1/2 hr, and he sleeps in night splints. The pain is partly out of his heel due to our routine but now also circles around his inner ankles. Some morning after football games I literally have to carry him to the bathroom and I am at a loss. My heart is breaking seeing my child suffer like this. He won't hear of giving up sports and I need advice on alternative things I can do to help him. He's too young for shots and surgery. Also, his feet are flat which is what I was told is causing this problem. Any vitamins? Any other types of therapy? We've been to the Podiatrist and foot specialty stores. Can he grow out of this?
My heart so goes out to you and your Son. Bad enough for an adult to have to deal with this kind of pain on a daily basis, but for an active boy, it must be horrible. From what I have been told, the plantar fascia directly correlates to the achilles tendon which is probably what is making the ankle area so sore also. Have you tried the wall stretches? That really does help lengthen and loosen up the ankle.

Also, I would try and find a doctor - either podiatrist or orthopedic - which specializes in sports medicine. Also, you may want to try and get a referral to a physical therapist that specializes in sports medicine. That may help as that is "their thing". They will give you all kinds of stretching and lengthening exercises which could help.

Let me know if this helps!
Thank the stars for medical insurance, my $1200 MRI bill arrived yesterday, and my portion is $10! I've spent more than that on inserts, etc., so it's kinda funny to see the most expensive part of this so far is what was finally covered by insurance!

I liked this doctor. He listened to what I have tried in the past, and didn't suggest anything over again. The tuning fork is like a U on the end of a stick . He'd bang the upper parts against something creating a vibration, and then he'd put the bottom of the stick in places on my foot. My pain has always been on the underside of my heel right in the middle. When he used this tuner thingy on the side of my heel, it sent a jolt of electricity up to my big toe from the back of my heel. He thinks I have PT still, but the pain, stiffness in my ankle and swelling may be more from TTS since it's been months without any relief. He wants me in the lovely boot for now so my heel is protected.It's 33 degrees and rainy here and the forecast isnt for better weather for many months! I've started wearing wool socks on my boot foot so my toes don't freeze! I wish the Lidoderm patches worked for me. Every time I've tried them I feel like I am slipping around and walking on jelly. They were an expensive prescription that provided extra cushioning, but no pain relief. I'm off work on Tuesday, so I think I'll go get a pedicure. Maybe having my heels sanded down will help the Lido patch work! (My feet are not bad, but it's been 2 months since a pedicure)

My podiatrist said that New Balance was the best shoe to go with for now. I just bought a new pair last week for $100, but I am only using the right one because of the boot, so this is an expensive shoe! If I'm in this boot for much longer, I figure that I'll probably need to buy another pair of shoes because the right one will never have been worn! So, I figure I paid $100 for one shoe! Is there anyone out there who wants to buy a left shoe, brand new??? Maybe I'll put it on ebay - - -weirder things have been sold there.

I'm sorry about your knee and hip pain. Are you able to take anything for it? I feel the same fear of wondering if this will eventually land me in a wheelchair. I certainly hope not, but some mornings it's just hard to get out of bed.

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