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I have had plantar Fasciitis now over 3 years. I used to work for Water District where I had to wear steel toe boots and worked long 10 hour shifts, a lot of walking on concrete. At 55 I am now retired, been 5 months now and still dealing with Plantar Fasciitis on my left heel. A few years ago I started seeing a podiatrist and did the foot mold thing, suggested exercises, tried inserts buying different shoes and cortisone shots with no help. Since being retired, figured since I am not on my feet as much my plantar fasciitis would get better, it has not. I just relocated and started seeing another podiatrist and he suggested stretching exercises and using super feet insoles, tried them but seemed to get worse, too hard on my feet so I had a visit to a physical Therapist a couple of weeks ago and have been trying more extensive stretching exercises 2 to 3 times a day, and had to buy new shoes again, now wearing New Balance tennis shoes no insoles. The physical therapist said my left leg is tight and will need to exercise all my muscles from my hip down, calves, thighs ect. The exercises so far have seem to make my leg less tight and stiff and have been doing them religiously, needless to say so far I still having pain, I am fine in the morning but by 1/2 the day I am hurting. I have been reading online about this plantar fasciitis and looks like it could take 3 to 12 months to heal and have heard some people have had this for 15 years. I am hoping I can resolve this soon, worked all my life want to enjoy my retirement. I am open to all suggestions that can help me resolve this issue I am having.

Thanks, Jeff

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Boy, do I empathize!   I had bad PF for over 2 years and tried everything--from the usual conservative treatments you've tried, to more invasive things like radio frequency ablation.  Nothing worked and I was considering surgery.   Then a friend told me about ASTYM.   A physical therapist trained in this treatment really helped him with his PF.  So, with not much hope, I went to this "miracle worker."  All I can tell you is that 8 weeks later, with 2 sessions per week (the foot needs to heal between sessions, so more sessions are not recommended),   I was bouncing around, and singing his praises. The theory behind ASTYM is that it physically disrupts the rigid scar tissue created by years of inflammation of the fascia ligament.  The PT uses what look like clear acrylic rocks in various shapes, with edges that he rubs briskly along the bottom of the foot.   Yes, it's very uncomfortable, especially at the beginning of treatment when the foot hurts so much and is so sensitive.   But I was desperate so I stuck to it.  The extreme sensitivity subsided after a few weeks of therapy and I could tolerate it better.    I honestly couldn't believe my foot was feeling better.  But it was.    Look up ASTYM online to find out about it. And find yourself a PT you trust who has been trained and certified in this procedure.  It might not be easy to find one, since there are so few of them.    Also, do those daily stretches--a crucial part of treatment.  I always wear my Spenco Original insoles, as well.  But insoles are very personal since everyone's feet are different.


Thanks Wendy for your reply, and the information on ASTYM, I looked up ASTYM online and there is a center near me. I will be looking into their PT services that they provide.

Thanks, Jeff

That's great to hear, Jeff.   I hope it does for you what it did for me.  Try to stick to it through the beginning phase, which won't be easy.  Keep your eyes on the prize.   I wish you well!   Please let me know how you do with it.


My foot pain was immediately relieved. I have plantars fasciitis. Because of this I've spent money on inserts. First inexpensive, and then better more expensive inserts. I purchased better shoes and sneakers. I've tried taping my foot. Doctors, stretching, exercises, etc.. etc.. However, I only got some relief. Nothing helped much or for long. Then I bought orthofeet sneakers. It has been life changing. My feet no longer hurt.

I read a lot of arguments about plantar fasciitis. Very often people just live with this disease, they suffer pain. Or go to surgery. But you can treat it yourself. Even at home.
The main thing is to fully comply with the methodology. You can read here in the article what the technique consists of. In the book of Jeremy Roberts everything is described in more detail. These are daily exercises, vitamins, diets, special shoes. I suffered for several years. Until I began to be treated responsibly. Now there is no pain. It is better to begin to treat while it is the initial form of plantar fasciitis.

Don't be discouraged. You can get past this. I couldn't walk 10 feet without pain, couldn't get off the bed in morning painless, didn't want to exercise,etc. When I told my MD that motion wasn't doing it and I didn't want narcotics he put me on celebrex 200mg daily and physical therapy for 9 weeks. Changed my life! I pushed it hard at physical therapy and did my exercises. Stretching that tendon iunder foot and stretching calves strongly and hip stretching brought me from pain level of 6 to 2 most days and 1 some days I don't even think about it. I suffered so long and wasted time at podiatrist ,spent over 500 on inserts,had steroid injections in feet. I can hike now for 6 miles up hills with little pain. I work out 2 x a week or 3 times if I am in pain at gym. Treadmill 30 min and weights. Leg press machine with toes at bottom of plate and letting heels stretch behind plate seems to do the most good. Don't do this stuff without MD and physical therapist direction. I was not an exercise person BUt i am totally into it now. Doesn't seem logical but it works!

I agree with you Wendy.

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