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Hi all,


I have been diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis recently--caused by wearing Crocs all the time while I was pregnant. Anyway, my Dr. gave me a shot, a nite splint, and heel cups. While my pain is better, I really think some type of orthotic would really help. Dr. is balking at Rx orthotics--not sure why except he said OTC seem to work better. I see him again next Tuesday. I tried Dr. Scholls inserts for PF, but they actually hurt worse. I visited Good Feet, and was shocked at the $550 price tag. Road Runner Sports sells custom insoles for about $60. But at this point, my insurance would cover Rx orthotics 100% since I just had a baby. I'm just looking for ideas and references for specific products so I can go to my Dr. informed on what I need.


Thank you!

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I have a bunion, hammer toes, wide front foot and narrow heel, low arches but none of that matters with the construction of orthofeet's shoes. I used to have pain in my heels and balls of my feet but no more. Yesterday I walked 7 miles and didn't come home with that "I can't wait to get these shoes off" feeling you get with other brands. They start off comfortable and stay comfortable. Thank you!!!!

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