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When orthopedists in Canada told me I had to sleep with them on they never said when to stop.

When I felt cured of PF I nonetheless continued to wear them every night fearful that without them the problem would return. It felt good and nighsplints relieve feet fatigue from long walks.

It's been 4 years. Then I moved to Western Europe when nightsplints aren't recommended.

Orthopedics here regard nightsplints as unnecessarily causing harm to the ligaments and responsible for developing achilles tendinopathy. It seems to be a North American thing, uncommon where I now live.

Indeed I recently have that.

My question to other nighsplint wearers is for how long were you told to wear it and whether other long term users have also developed tendonitis from it. I am afraid abandoning nightsplints is inviting PF to return.

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