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I'm having trouble with editing. I use Opera, do I need to use firefox on your site?


You might need to use Firefox, from what I've heard it's the best for this site. I personally use Google Chrome and everything works for me.

Good to see you here Kay!

Due to the chronic and painful nature of this affliction, which often can cause or exacerbate depression, I suggest adding a HUMOR section. Reading all the desperate posts can be a bit disheartening and a section that will lift our moods could be a great help. Don't they say that laughter is the best medicine. Read my latest post in Treatments, on ideas to cure plantar fasciitis. I've got some real good laugh lines in there along with some serious ideas.
I'd rather have a pain in my a-s-s than a pain in my p-f!
Can you get rid of this SPAM stuff on here?
I had my last shot Friday. My heel feels like someone drove a railroad spike through it. I certainly hope this is just a result of the Cortisone. I wish I could get some kind of relief. I have tried ice and anti-inflammatory.Nothing helps.:-(


I was in your shoes last year. Then, my podiatrist got a new machine.  "extracoporeal radial wave therapy" He said it would cure me in three visits.  Mind you, I had p-fasciitis in both feet, then fell and partially tore my right plantar fascia.  I didn't believe him.  But, when you see no way out, even the unbelievable seems worth trying.  After the first 3 treatments, I was in significantly less pain.  It took probably another month of treatments before I didn't need to go anymore.  I tell you, this machine is the greatest thing.  I'm going on a year now and only have minor pain at the injury site if I go bare foot too much.  It's worth searching to find someone who will do it, even if insurance won't pay.

Doggymama said:

I had my last shot Friday. My heel feels like someone drove a railroad spike through it. I certainly hope this is just a result of the Cortisone. I wish I could get some kind of relief. I have tried ice and anti-inflammatory.Nothing helps.:-(
Thank you so much for letting me know. I will find someone who will do the radial wave therapy. Right now I can hardly walk on that foot.

well , went to doctor yesterday.  surgery was answer, took xray again, bone spur, and tendon tear,  but the surgery was skeptical for me,  he said 2 small incisions on each side, CUT tendon 3/4 to lengthen it and remove spur, he said put shoe on after 3 days , then back to  workin a couple of weeks. does that sound about right?

anybody hear of this surgery


 I had  the endoscopic release which means I did get little incisions by my ankle through which my doctor cut the offending heel spur out and then made a cut in the fascia (the bottom of my foot inside my body which is a tendon) about 1/4-1/3 across which released pressure and lenghtened the fascia, bringing, for me, much needed relief. I was in a cast for 11 days (a walking one) and then free to wear my regular shoes ALL THE TIME (except to sleep) with the orthotics in it. So I believe your doctor wants to do the same surgery I had, just he sticks you in a boot/shoe. If I were working, and it wasn't a job where I was on my feet, I probably would be able to go back to a desk job after a couple of weeks. I did volunteer work 1 week after mine, but sitting at a desk, with my cast. After the cast came off, my foot ortho told me I had to take it easy for the next few weeks while my foot healed. He didn't want the tear he made (to lengthen the fascia) to rip more. 

thanks for the info, it helped me understand it alot better. i will keep you posted.

Sounds good! And just to stress how important it is to take it easy on the feet and wear your regular shoes and orthotics all the time, once the cast comes off, I even put on my shoes if I need to use the bathroom during the night! That is enough of an incentive not to get up! There is a chance your arch can collapse and you can have nerve damage=but I haven't had any of those. It also helped that my nerve in there wasn't causing issues. I have had a really nearly perfect recuperation, thankfully. If you read my thread (the one that is called :Had an endoscopic plantar fascia release this morning 10/17/2011:) you can read what I have written about it.

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