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I have had Plantar Fasciitis for about 2 years now and have tried over the counter inserts; pain meds; exercise; icing; and finally started seeing a Podiatrist about 9 months ago. Since that time my feet have not improved much and I am on my 2nd pair or custom built inserts that are a little softer than the first pair. Many adjustments were done on the first pair and having worn the new pair for a few weeks now there is still no change in my condition. My question is would Shockwave Therapy be the next sensible treatment option for me to try. A friend of mine who I spoke to this week had the same history as mine and decided to do this therapy. After 4-5 visits she said it helped her alot. Its a little surprising that a professional Podiatrist would not have suggested this by now? Actually its is my second Podiatrist within the same office as they wanted me to have a second opinion due to the amount of adjustments needed so far. My plan is to dicusss this option on my next appt date with my Piodiatrist. They both only seem to be only focused on the inserts and making adjustments. If no improvement is coming the the near future I will have to retire from working completelty. At age 56 that will be a challenge for me as I like to keep busy and be involved doing things. Thanks for any help; advice, or feedback. Sometimes I guess you have to take your own medical issues into your own hands and speakup as you can get lost in the system so to speak.

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If I were you I'd try a few months of

physical therapy with ASTYM before trying shockwave treatment.   It's not exactly comfortable, but it's less invasive.  It worked for me after trying almost everything else first.


How many procedures are required?

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