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I'm Desperate! PF Has Stolen My Life and It's Killing me Softly

One day in Nov 2008 I woke up with toe gout,swollen feet, painful heels,shoulder pain. At the emergency they gave me cortisone injections and strong anti-inflammatory pills and it all went away.

Then in March 2009  I felt an excruciating pain in the heels (related, unrelated, as a consequence?) and it was diagnosed as plantar fasciitis. I received a strong cortisone injection on each heel and it went totally away for 6 months (except if I'd do the strectching exercises or walk barefoot). Six months later, it came back just as strong, precise same symptons. Xray showed I also had heel spurs. Another injection another 6 months. Last yr I decided to stop cortisone also because the third strong injection was no longer effective. Massage and stretching exercises still worsen it. Been sleeping in nightsplints for 6 months, shoe orthotics for 3, wear only gym type, and no help. Ice and rest temporarily atenuate but it's not a cure. (Try treating cancer with ice?).  I am normal weight female, not athletic, not diabetic, always wore good shoes. I've given up the illusion of having a doctor actually determining the cause of this hell.

I don't believe in shockwave therapy. Anyone had PRP ?.  I too am scared of surgery worsening it. But even surgery is no longer performed in Canada, apparently it wasn't successful. Please please tell me what to do! I'm totally lost, lost my life! Just don't repeat the do-the-calf-stretches mantra, as I've tried them a zillion times and it always gets me worse and I must stop before I start screaming. I find it a huge contradiction that overstretched fascia hurts then stretching it is claimes as therapy. Can anyone suggest a  Dr who actually determines the cause and treats PF (who doesn't repeat the same old song, nor can I stand being told that ice and nightsplints Are treatment, if they had lung cancer and treated it with aspirin is that treatment? ). Sorry, I'm going nuts with PF. Please tell me if there's any new real treatment that I can try out, even in the US it's ok. Thanks!

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I feel you- totally! This condition is CRAZY and hard to explain to anyone who hasn't fully experienced it (I think that's why I end up on this site alot- I really do have a life :)

I had 2 PRP injections. I got my 1st injection 8.5 wks ago and my 2nd injection 2.5 wks ago. I had PF for 4 yrs prior. I'm still healing from the 2nd injection, but I seem to have recently made some solid progress- the real kind where I don't wake up w/ throbbing heels anymore. If you check back w/ me in a month or so I can tell you just how strongly I believe in the PRP ( I hesitate to stand on any soapbox yet, but am quite hopeful). I've told several other PF suffers out there, look for a Class 4 laser. Try a series of treatments, it has been helpful for me but has never made the problem go away. Some like acupuncture too. I feel there's a place in the PF treatment process for it, but for me those needles were not going to mend my partial tear. Good luck. I really want the PRP to be that magic bullet that will save many of us. I know nothing ever really will be, but something tells me PRP has something to offer.

Best- JB

Thank You. I certainly want to know if PRP worked for you. Please don't forget to tell me. Wasn't it better after the 1st injection? xokolatenoir at yahoo dot com

I'd like to know the doctor's name and cost.

In my mind, spurs cause pain and should need to be removed. The soft tissue is regenerated through PRP but what of spurs?

Good luck, and hope it works!  Thanks for sharing JB

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