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Hi all

I am new to this forum.I have been suffering with heel pain for the last couple of days and I used some cream to cure heel pain based on the health person advice. But my pain still not yet gone. I came to know today it's plantar fasciitis. The pian is mostly coming in the morning.Can anyone recommend some good home methods for this ? How soon can this be cured ?

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Plantar Fasciitis is a persistent, painful inflammation of the tissue (fascia) across the bottom of your foot usually first thing or the morning or after sitting still for a while. I began experiencing it during my fracture recovery when broke my 5th metatarsal (the bone behind my little toe) in June 2009. Small bone but the break (a Jones’ Fracture) was a hard one to recover from. For me anyway. My metatarsal fracture healed, but my foot hurt in most activities after that and I favored it and induced other problems like the plantar fasciitis.
So my foot hurt almost all of the time, especially first thing in the morning or after sitting for a long while. I saw a podiatrist and was allowed “sensible shoes” only—how I came to hate those words— and custom orthotics and a dorsiflexion splint to wear each night. Exercise routines and icing in the morning and nightly. I tried to start jogging again it was awkward and my foot complained long and loudly if I ran much at all. So I continued going to a string of podiatrists and taking the jogging very easy. I tried the physical therapy and home exercises to see if they would eventually help and then one of those “Darth” ortho boots (he called it a camwalker) for 8 weeks to see if that helped—it was all pretty much to no avail. I even sprang for pricey Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy out of my own pocket as insurance would not cover this “experimental” treatment. It was all with no real, lasting help.
Then 2 summers ago I was introduced to a new DPM that placed my bad foot in a series of “fiberglass” orthopedic casts that stretched and then maintained the new length of my plantar fasciia. It was a long summer on crutches but the treatment worked and I have been mostly pain free since, even jogging.
So please do more than just try the cream. See a specialist and get this under control before it even has a chance to become full-blown plantar fasciitis.

Thanks Karla Perez.

can you recommend some good shoes? I am able to see lot in amazon and other stores which one is good.By the way I have started to do Icing & stretching methods at home. 

Icing and stretching is good.

Not sure how old you are but for 30-something Karly these are the "go to" shoes now:

Zappos good quality and price
Dansko Pro XP Stapled
VIONIC with Orthaheel Technology Danette

Taryn Rose expensive but superior quality with support and stability
Kijani Platform Sandal
Women's Amari Platform Sandal
Krissy Leather Wedge Sandals
Women's Terry Loafer

Brooks Ravenna 4

If you can find them
Dr Scholl’s original Exercise Sandals The very best!!

Unfortunately, all heels are out! To be honest, I still sneak out with them on special occasions and slip them on at the last minute.

NO Flip Flops ever. EVER!! They are death to your feet! I never wear them any moire, not even around the house!!

Hope this helps

I suggest taping the foot. I did for my metatarsalgia and morton's neuroma (the ball of the foot and under the 4th/5th toes) and it really helped speed up the process.

I’ve always suffered from pain in my feet, especially around the heels. I took cortisone shots till now and have been stretching exercising and putting night split, ice rolling, shoes. And I couldn’t even walk without pain. I’ve been using Medicovi Twin Heels insoles for a couple of weeks now and I’ve just bought my second pair. Can’t recommend them highly enough. Since owning these my life has literally changed. Good luck! 

I have suffered from Plantar Fasciitis for about 4 years. Icing and stretching were no longer giving any relief. These Medicovi Twin-heels insoles gave me great relief from day one! Highly recommend.

I am happy to know that. In my part each body reacts in different way.

Hello and welcome.

Firstly, creams' function usually involves negating the pain sensation that you feel. But even if the source of the pain is still there, the symptoms would just keep on coming back.

You mentioned the pain occurs usually in the mornings. Is this even though you're still in bed lying down or the first time you step on your foot when you're getting out of bed and about to stand?

Usually treatment for this includes mobilizing the plantar fascia to avoid adhesions and maintain flexibility, and exercises and stretching.

The mobilizations can be done by you but is usually done by therapists. But since you're specifically asking for home management program, you usually can stretch you plantar fascia by dorsiflexing everything on your foot. That is, bend your ankle upwards towards the knee, including the toes, especially the toes. That position stretches the plantar fascia.

You can also do strengthening of the fascia by curling your foot, with or without resistance.

But another important management you can do is too check the alignment of your foot. Check if both of your ankles have the same height of arch, same tilting (flat-footedness or cave-footedness) or same angulations (the amount of outward turning or inward turning of your foot). Those things affect the biomechanics of your foot, including the whole body and the plantar fascia, since all of our body parts are related. Even the littlest deviations from normal would change how the surrounding parts work, which could cause pain or discomfort.

So those things you can check. Feel free to ask away if you need things cleared.

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