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I know they say plantar fasciitis does not happen over night and it is the tearing of the tendon. My heel pain did happen over night. I do a lot of standing all day. 5-6 hours at work, I am a teacher. I try my best to wear comfortable shoes or sneakers. I also am involved with a workout group that does intense exercises(CrossFit). My legs were tired and my feet hurt a little bit one night last week, but not my heel. I woke up the next day and felt pain when I stepped on my heel, but that pain has not gone away... I can not put pressure on my heel without it hurting. I have been icing it, massaging it, taking ibuprophen, and plan on going to the doctor sometime this week (I was hoping it would just go away in a few days) I'm frustrated because I want to go back to the gym and I'm nervous about being on my feet all day at work.
I guess what I want to know is, is plantar fasciitis something that would give me pain all day or is it just in the morning and after I've been sitting for a while?

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Joe:  What is the rational for clamping the heel?  Where exactly do you clamp and for how long?  My husband thinks I'm crazy,  but I'm willing to try almost anything to stop the pain.

Joe Romeo said:

I have found a cure. Now this will seem strange because I started with a wood working tool in my garage. So---First you will need to buy a standard shop tool at Home Depot, Lowes or Ace Hardware. Irwin is a trusted name the Irwin Quick-Grip Clamps are unique in their flexibility and quick operation. The have little rubber pads that are important because you will apply them to your heel.

So, buy a set you will use them later or if you own one this next part is easy. I used a IRWIN Quick-Grip 512QC 12" Clamp/Spreader. On your heel and in different spots clamp your foot at night and in the morning for a few minutes longer if you can. Have the clamp squeeze high and low and spend some time finding different spots on your heel. First you will notice that the pain goes away and you will have a short relief. Next a good mechanical foot massager with a squeezing mechanism in the center Reflex Roller Massager is what I use. Massage your foot place it under your desk at work. Do it frequently.

My pain was gone in a week. My foot was healed and I started walking miles again! By the way I use Echo shoes as they give me the best support. You will be healed! Joe Romeo

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