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I’ve had plantar fasciitis for 15 months in one foot. Like so many sufferers, out of desperation I’ve tried every remedy under the sun. This includes two cortisone injections, PT, ice, regular stretching, compression socks, night splints, fracture boot, orthotics and rolling my foot on a ball. My podiatrist was at a loss, he told me to take turmeric. Every time I asked him for more suggestions, he would say, “Well you don’t want to have surgery, the results are generally not good.” Nothing helped whatsoever until I designed my own routine that I’ve not seen recommended on any website. I began placing my foot on a padded, heavy-duty industrial strength vibrator that I bought at the county fair for about an hour every day. I also bought a $150.00 bottle of 3000mg CBD tincture and then rubbed it on my foot after the massage and a couple of more times during the day. I began the vibrating because it seems that many remedies are focused on inflaming the PF even further than it already is. It’s as though your body has accepted its foot pain as normal and is no longer in active healing mode. It’s necessary to activate the healing again. This explains partially why people might have success with acupuncture, needling, shock-wave therapy and radio frequency therapy. After a couple of weeks, I had some success. Instead of an hour of pain-free walking each day, I could go two hours.  I felt buoyed by my success, even thought about continuing with my treatment to see if I could cure myself.

But then I realized that if my foot was responding to just a vibrator, maybe there is something out there that could speed up the process. I began researching treatments and saw an episode on PF from the show “The Doctors TV Show” on YouTube.  The doctor on the show explained that Amniotic matrix was the most aggressive and successful treatment out there. I read a lot of favorable testimonials, unfortunately for Matthew, who documented his story on this thread was not one of them.  Based on my research, I decided to try Clarix Flo, made my Amniox. There are other amniotic injectables out there, but Clarix Flo is the only one containing ground-up umbilical cord. The cord is the more important ingredient in regards to regenerative properties. Once I decided to try it, I had to find a doctor that offered it. I live in San Diego, CA and you would think there would be plenty of doctors using this is my area, but I couldn’t find a one. However, the US East coast seems to be flooded with podiatrists using Clarix Flo. I called Amniox who connected me with one of their very helpful reps and referred me to doctors in Orange County, CA that are experienced Clarix Flo providers.

On April 5, I paid $1000.00 for 50 mg injected in my foot. It is a bit more painful than a cortisone injection, but tolerable. The doctor mixed it with an anesthetic which allowed me to drive home before the major pain set in.  As others have pointed out, it’s expected that the pain will get much worse before it gets better. That’s the medication shaking things up in there, telling your body to get busy. I have a high pain tolerance, but the first 24 hours I couldn’t put any weight whatsoever on my foot. I tried wearing my walking boot, but that was just as painful. I have a companion wheel chair, so ultimately, I painlessly pulled myself around the house with my feet.  It’s now 54 hours post-injection and I can walk slowly in shoes. I’m already back to the same level of pain as before the injection.  I will post an update on my progress. Incidentally, I told the podiatrist about my vibrator therapy and he said he was not surprised that it was helping and told me to continue. Ironically, he asked me to start rubbing CBD on my foot too!  

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