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Hello everyone,
I am hoping for some advice please.
I've had PF for over two years now in my right foot. I got it through running. Over the last two years I have tried everything to cure/ease the pain, smiliar to everyone else. I am now at the point where my consultant surgeon has agreed to release the plantar. This is what I've wanted all along but had to exhaust all other options before invasive surgery, I guess because of potential complications. I have a few questions which I'm hoping someone might be able to help me with please...
- what did you do to prepare yourself for the op? What are the best sites to read up on it? What practical things did you wish you had done but didn't realise it would've helped at the time?
- any tips for after the op? Again perhaps things you may not have thought of yourself until you were in that situation?
- this is just a little aside but I also have pain in my left foot now. My surgeon has applied pressure to the right points and said its not PF just stress. Has this happened to others? I'm completely paranoid that I'm going to get it in my left foot too.
I'm 46 and sometimes when I get out of bed in the morning (straight into my fit flops of course :-)) I feel like an old women. I really need to have to operation and I think the risks will outweigh the benefits.
Thank you for taking the time to read my post, any help would be really appreciated. Unless you've been there yourself, which none of my friends and family have, it's difficult for them to understand.
Thank you

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Hi Gary, that's AMAZING!!! So pleased for you!!!
I think I must have had a different procedure to yourself. I was under general anaesthetic and was signed off work for three weeks, I wasn't allowed to drive for eight weeks and no exercise other than walking for three months. I'm 6-months post op at the end of this month. They made an insertion into the side of my heel and cut a good portion of the PF away. I was told the PF should be 1-2mm at the connection with the bone, but mine was 12mm, so that's when I understood why I was in agony. I'm doing good. The surgeon also cut my calf muscle to extend it. I manage it now by wearing the right shoes, no heels and inserts. I have had a bit of pain this week, but it's definitely surgical and I was told it would be six months before I fully settled down fully. It's great you've managed to walk so far today. You'll worry that the pain will kick in after a while, and then it doesn't, that's when you know you've done the right thing. So pleased for you and your family.

Thanks Ely!


Ely Heap said:

Hi Gary, that's AMAZING!!! So pleased for you!!!

Just wanted to post an update.  It's been 8 weeks since I had the PF release procedure.  Just got back from a trip where I did 80 miles of walking in 8 days.  I did have some soreness (in both feet!) which is to be expected for this kind of march.

I've updated my blog with more detail.  At this point I consider the procedure a complete success.


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